• I read with great interest the article “Walls of Passion” about the murals of Los Angeles. I have always admired murals and what they say about our society and history.

    When I moved to San Diego, I found that his city also had a lively mural scene. I began to photograph and document those I found in all areas and filled three albums. I also made note of those that disappeared or were whitewashed or vandalized. It is so regrettable that the history they represented may be forgotten.

    I stopped driving a couple of years ago and can no longer hunt for murals, but I still retain my interest in this public art.

    Alice S. Hartsuyker
    Class of 1967
    San Diego, CA

  • Congratulations on the NEW Cal State L.A. TODAY!!!

    I am enclosing a brochure and some pictures from the Museum of Women’s History located in Billings, Mont. The museum was founded by Dorothy C. McLaughlin – she graduated from CSULA in 1976. She was a sociology major at CSULA.

    Museum picture.

    Museum of Women's Hisory in Billings, Mont

    Dorothy not only founded, but almost single handedly has kept the museum going for over 10 years. Dorothy also has an interview program on the local Billings station.

    I just thought that you should know another success story by a CSULA graduate.

    Maxine K. Wilson
    Class of 1976 and 1978
    Laguna Woods, CA

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