What is your passion?

What is your passion?

  • Kathleena Williams ’12

    “Math. I want to teach math—my professors have shown me a new side to math, and now we have become best friends.”

  • Laura Tejera ’12

    “Organizing on campus. I mean, I love to be educated, but right now with the budget cuts my main concern is helping my fellow students and the future generations to come; helping them to get an education.”

  • Adam Neff ’ 11 and Monica Camacho ’11

    Classmates Adam Neff ’11 and Monica Camacho ’11 relax on the lawn on campus.

    “Communications. I think that I could take a lot of the skills that I have learned here, in interviewing and publicity and PR, into a career. Los Angeles is definitely the city for communications,” Neff said.

    “Public relations. I feel like I am a people person, and I can communicate well,” Camacho said.

  • Portrait of Daniel Huerta.

    Daniel Alejandro Huerta ’13

    “Family, sports and school. I love everything about sports, and with school, I want to try and get along so that I can help provide for my family and be a role model, teaching my brother about college.”