What is your dream job?

What is your dream job?

  • Robin Clanor, junior

    “My interest, as far as education goes, is to achieve a bachelor’s degree in biology to ultimately become a dentist in life.”

  • Igor Krivitskiy, part-time student

    “Well, my dream would be to be an emergency medicine physician.”

  • Anna Lopez, sophomore

    “My dream job is to be a journalist because I really enjoy writing.”

  • Brenda Quijada, sophomore

    “My dream job, obviously, is to be a psychologist because that’s my major. But I’m not really sure when I will get this job, hopefully after my doctor’s degree. And I can use that to give therapy to not only family, but friends and strangers that need that help because, you know, that’s my passion in life. That’s what I want in life - to help others.”

  • Christyne Taylor, junior

    “I want to be a scientist in the field of psychology because I want to help people and I like science as a whole.”

  • Gabriella Vazquez, junior

    “My dream job is to become a social worker so I can help needy children.”