Tapping into a media market on the rise

Students participating in Professor Pablo Baler's Spanish-language media program pose with him in the University Times newsroom.

Tapping into a media market on the rise

A new program in Spanish-language news provides students access to an area of fresh opportunity and a path toward building a career in the field.

  • Wheels of change

    Students measure energy production from their bicycle cell-phone charger.Students and faculty reinterpret the use of bicycles and discover a way for human energy to power innovation, fabrication and communication.
  • Worth more than 1,000 words

    Greaduate student Georgia Love puts finishing touches on mural.Thirty Cal State L.A. artists and a renowned Mexican master collaborate to produce a 24-foot mural that is on display in Long Beach.
  • A new name in adventure

    Candid image of Ido Okilo ’10 laughing.The Anthropology Department’s prestigious Cotsen grant helped a student chase down her dream in Belize, Antigua—and finally the Sudan.
  • Brewing up funding

    Marcos Aguilar ’06 MA sips a hot brew.Local alumni and educators launch a cultural café in East Los Angeles to support charter schools.
  • Get ready for the hunt

    Faculty Michael Germano and a student decipher a ”scvngr&ldqou; clue.Test your University know-how, and explore campus with gaming technology that allows you to participate in a “scavenger hunt” through text message.
  • Stepping into industry

    A student prepares her project for display at the senior design expo.Seniors apply textbook and classroom knowledge to real-world applications, designing machines to locate studs, snap thermal images and bounce a space craft.