Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

  • “I just received a copy of Cal State L.A. TODAY and was wondering if the University is the outgrowth of the old L.A. State College, from which I graduated in 1953? I lost track when I went into the service and returned to the Pacific Northwest.

    Our colors were also black and gold, but we were the ‘Devils.’

    This is the first bit of information I’ve received, so if you could fill me in, I’d appreciate it.”

    -Clifford Jones ’53

    Editor’s Note:

    Thank you for writing.

    Yes, Cal State L.A. or California State University, Los Angeles is the modern day name for the former L.A. State College. The University has gone through a couple name changes since the “L.A. State College” days, however. In 1964 it was renamed California State College at Los Angeles when it joined the California State College system, and then in 1972 the name was changed to its present day form when the California State College System took on the new name of The California State University. Here are some highlights: /univ/ppa/media/cslainf1.php.

    Also, the University’s colors are still black and gold, but the mascot was changed from the Diablos (Devils) to the Golden Eagles in 1981. Come back and visit your alma mater—you will be astounded to see the changes!

  • “Did the CSULA Alumni Org. honor the passing of Dr. Paul Zall, who was my Lit. professor, and many, many others, at CSULA, and other universities? The remainder of his career was spent as a research authority at the Huntington Library. I suggest listing the titles of his many books, of which recently I’ve read his Benjamin Franklin bios…humor, edited autobiography. Everyone I knew in early ’60s revered our having taken Dr. Zall for several classes…and I had one personal experience where he represented me to the Dept. Chair in English.”

    -Robb Rosen

    Editor’s Note:

    Thank you for sharing your fond memories of Dr. Paul Zall. We were saddened to hear of his passing in January, which was included in the “In Memoriam” section of the magazine. In response to your note, however, here is a sampling of the many books that Zall authored: “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: A Genetic Text” in 1981, “Abe Lincoln Laughing” in 1982, “Founding Mothers: Profiles of Ten Wives of America’s Founding Fathers” in 1991, “Wit and Wisdom of the Founding Fathers” in 1996, “Lincoln on Lincoln” in 1999, “Franklin on Franklin” in 2001, “Jefferson on Jefferson” in 2002, and “Washington on Washington” in 2003.

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